Sydney Harbour

Best Ferry Ride around the Beautiful Sydney Harbour

Numerous well travelled visitors state that the Sydney Harbour is one of the most lovely natural harbours anywhere around the world, and they simply could be right.

Blue water splashes up to sandy coasts over which spots like the Royal Botanic Gardens as well as the Sydney Opera House preside. Additionally, nearly 150 miles of coastline encompasses even more than 30 square miles of water, adding to the harbour’s beauty.

You can delight in the harbour from several vantage areas, and also the Agricultural Gardens and the well-known Sydney Harbour Bridge offer a few of the most peaceful and picturesque spots.

The ferry ride to Manly remains one of Sydney’s best travel experiences, but if you have the chance to go sailing on your own yacht on the harbour, or charter a private yacht it is even better. Various companies such as Sydney By Sail, offer yacht charters. Why not sign up for a sail lesson on one of the world’s most pristine waterways?