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Information on the proposed Light Rail Network Extension. click here


Write to the Goverment in support of extending the Light Rail

The Hon. Morris Iemma, Premier of NSW
Level 40 Governor Macquarie Tower,
1 Farrer Place, SYDNEY NSW 2000
ph:(02) 9228 5239

The Hon. John Watkins, Minister for Transport
Level 30 Governor Macquarie Tower,
1 Farrer Place, SYDNEY NSW 2000
ph:(02) 9228 4866

The Hon. Michael Costa, Treasurer & Minister for Infrastructure
Level 31 Governor Macquarie Tower,
1 Farrer Place, SYDNEY NSW 2000
ph:(02) 9228 5665

The Hon. Frank Sartor, Minister for Planning
Level 34 Governor Macquarie Tower,
1 Farrer Place, SYDNEY NSW 2000
ph:(02) 9228 4700

The Hon. Sandra Nori, Member for Port Jackson
225 Parramatta Road, BROADWAY NSW 2007
ph:(02) 9660 7586

Find your local Member click here>>


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The only all day Lord of the Rings Exhibition Pass
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The following lucky Metrokids members where the winners of double passes to The Magical World Of Disney On Ice opening night on 5 July 2006 PLUS a Monorail Family Supervoucher Day Pass. The total prize is worth more than $100 each.

Jackson E aged 8  from Morebank
Margaret B aged 10 from Leichhardt
Natasha W aged 8 from Willoughby
Joshua S aged 6 from Randwick

Tickets for The Magical World of Disney on Ice can also be booked through Ticketmaster, or ph 136 100.



The PGA Golf Show is Australia’s largest annual golf industry forum, convening a variety of golf exhibitors, trade delegates and keen golfers from Australia & New Zealand and beyond. This industry gathering offers a two day golf trade show, as well as two days of public show, in an effort to promote and “grow the game.”

The show will offer visitors a chance to the best on offer from companies featuring the latest, greatest golf technologies & equipment, golf holiday & real estate companies as well as a myriad of golf courses, resorts and organisations.

Additionally, the public show looks forward to a spectacular driving range where visitors can try out the newest golf clubs, a variety of exciting exhibitors and many chances to win golf prizes ranging from full sets of clubs to complete golf holidays!

If you are interested in golf (as an expert or a novice or anywhere in between), you won’t want to miss this show!!

The 2006 PGA Golf Show Public Days Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 July 2006 9.30am – 5.30pm Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre Show Entry fees to the public show are as follows (all prices include GST):

  • $17/adult
  • $10.50/child or concessions
  • $42/family (2 adults and up to 3 children under 16)
  • $7.20/Metro Monorail Daypass (regularly $9)

To pre-purchase tickets and discounted Monorail Day passes (and be entered to win a set of His and Hers Drivers from MacGregor)



The State Government continues to defy logic as it argues against light rail, with leading members of the NSW Government and State Transit Authority distorting the facts to suit their arguments.

Building Light Rail in the CBD of Sydney would improve Sydney’s transport nightmare as many independent studies and reports have stated. Light rail is an extremely well researched and a popular solution with retail, business, local Government and Sydney residents.

Yet despite regular and extensive briefings the State Government seemingly fails to understand basic transport planning issues, and now resorts to distorting the truth to support its case against light rail.

The facts are:

The light rail WILL REDUCE congestion as one light rail vehicle can replace four buses. A light rail every two minutes is a better option for commuters than gridlocked buses. It is not “fanciful”, as mentioned by the Transport Minister, it is fact.

IT WILL NOT COST $1.5 BILLION, as stated by the NSW Government. The CBD light rail extension would cost $180m in total of which only $40m is needed from the public sector, the balance coming from the private sector.

East-West traffic flows in the City
These were modelled by the RTA and found to be unproblematic.

Interchange and buses
Approximately 6,000 passengers would interchange at Central under the CBD proposal, NOT 25,000 as suggested by the State Transit Authority. The proposal DOES NOT change any bus routes from East or South Sydney.

Interchange and journey times
Interchange would not add five to ten minutes onto a journey. The average interchange time would be one minute followed by a reliable and quick journey into the heart of the CBD. Overall journey times would be reduced and more importantly would be reliable to ensure passenger arrival times for work and other commitments. If interchange works in other World cities it is unclear why it would not work in Sydney.

The amazing claim by the State Transit Authority that buses have higher capacity than light rail is completely incorrect and demonstrates a woeful understanding of transport planning. The capacity of light rail is three to four times that of a bus route.

Narrow streets

Sydney’s streets are NOT too narrow for light rail as repetitively mentioned by the NSW Government – the width required by a light rail vehicle is LESS than that of a bus.

Sydney is unique
NO IT’S NOT. There are 400 cities worldwide that have successfully installed light rail which are not all so different to Sydney. Examples include Lisbon, Dublin, Paris, Berlin, Zurich, Nottingham, London, Manchester, Portland, Los Angeles, Calgary, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

Other road users
Trams in the CBD would not have any impact on other road users apart from a positive one by removing many buses from the streets. The CBD proposal takes over bus lanes, while other traffic is unaffected.

The CBD already has three modes of transport
True, and none of them work well. This is an attempt to fix surface mass transport in the CBD.

Government should spend money in Western Sydney
Agreed, but that does not mean that the heart of Sydney, the CBD, should be allowed to degenerate into an unworkable and congested mess. The funds required for this project are minimal compared to the money promised for other public transport reform not to mention the monies which are misspent every day by the Government.



The Sydney Morning Herald reports light rail as the solution to Sydney’s transport woes according to an independant report.

Transport Shambles click here to read

20/05/2006 – Editorial, Time’s up for a transport fix

The Sydney Morning Herald reported on Saturday, “The Parsons Brinckerhoff report, revealed yesterday by the Herald under freedom of information law, is yet another major study which finds light rail for a city centre link is practicable and beneficial. It confirms our buses are overcrowded and slowing. Above ground some trips are now faster on foot; below it, trains and stations are close to capacity. The Transport Minister, John Watkins, looks dangerously like a man representing a Government without a clue. He cites arguments for discarding light rail which are not backed by the nearly 50 reports commissioned on the subject in the past decade. People will change from bus to light rail at well-designed interchanges on the edge of town if they see it makes trips faster overall. Buses have the biggest role to play in the new Sydney – on key cross-town, express and feeder services. But the city centre and a number of trunk routes into town are beyond bus capacity. Light rail will bring significant benefits to those corridors, leaving upgraded bus services to do the rest.” click here to read article



The new 2006 Supervoucher Day passes offer even more discounts and extras for a perfect day out.

Sydney Monorail and Metro Light Rail has launched the new range of Supervoucher passes for 2006.

Day passes for one day on the Monorail or one-day or three-day travel on both the Monorail and Light reail offer an economical way to travel around the city and save with great discounts at Sydney’s leading attractions.

Supervoucher Day Passes are priced as follows:

1 Day Single Pass – Monorail ($9.00)
1-Day Family Pass – Monorail ($22.00)
1-Day Single Pass – Monorail and Light Rail ($15.00)
1-Day Family Pass – Monorail and Light Rail ($37.50)
3-Day Single Pass – Monorail and Light Rail ($30.00)
3-Day Family Pass – Monorail and Light Rail ($50.00)

Now Supervouchers offer even more discount and special offers with each day pass including the following:

20% off National Maritime Museum,

20% off Powerhouse Museum,

20% off Harbour Jet,

15% off Sydney Aquarium

15% off Sydney Tower and OzTrek,

15% off Matilda Cruises Rocket Harbour Express

Free pearl earrings at Australian Opal Cutters* Free bag from Paddy’s Markets
Special lunch rate at Sydney Tower Restaurant

Metro Light Rail and Monorail systems provide the best way to get to Sydney’s leading attractions and tour operators offering a clean, efficient and an environmentally friendly way to travel.

Sydney’s Monorail loops around the city and Darling Harbour, with stops at major tourist and visitor destination including Galeries Victoria, Darling Park (Sydney Aquarium, IMAX Theatre, Cockle Bay and King Street Wharf), Harbourside Shopping Centre (Darling Harbour – National Maritime Museum), Convention Centre, Powerhouse Museum and Entertainment Centre.

The Metro Light Rail connects Central Station and Lilyfield with 12 stops in between including Convention Centre, Star City Casino, Sydney Fish Market and Glebe.

Go to the Supervoucher page

*Conditions apply


The hardest thing about shopping at Paddy’s Markets is lugging home all the fantastic bargains – so Sydney ‘s Paddy’s Markets have joined forces with the Monorail and Light Rail with the newly named Paddy’s Markets Monorail and Light Rail stations picking up overloaded shoppers at Paddy’s front door.

The close relationship between these two renowned Sydney icons has been cemented with Sydney ‘s Paddy’s Markets now owning the naming rights of the two transport stops in Haymarket.

As well as new signage, the familiar sight of the Paddy’s Light Rail vehicle will soon brighten up the trip to the Markets.

For those heading to Sydney’s Paddy’s Markets via train, the Light Rail de pa rts approximately every 10 minutes from the upper colonnade of Central Station, near the intercity trains, dropping shoppers directly outside the Markets.

The Monorail is also just on Paddy’s door step delivering bargain hunters from the City and the northern pa rt of Darling Harbour .

For more information visit for more information on Sydney Paddy’s Markets visit

Mr Kevin Warrell, CEO, Metro Transport said “Metro Light Rail is a viable business and is not “spiralling into financial crisis”, as has been reported today.

“However, to ensure the long term future of the business there needs to be an extension of the tram network through the CBD”.

One year ago yesterday a proposal to extend the current Light Rail system into the CBD was submitted to the State Government by Metro Transport Sydney.

Metro Transport Sydney believes it is time for the Government to provide a response to the proposal.

“The original Light Rail project agreement with Government attracted investment from private shareholders based on the assumption that the network would be built in stages, including the CBD,” said Mr Warrell.

“The first two stages of the Light Rail have been built. Firstly, Central to Wentworth Park, then the Lilyfield extension which was opened by Premier Bob Carr in 2000; at the time of the opening Mr Carr included many positive comments about the future role of Light Rail in Sydney and praised trams as an alternative to traffic congestion in a big city,” said Mr Warrell.

“Light Rail is without question the most highly regarded public transport service in Sydney as rated by its passengers.”

“If the response from the State Government is that it does not want to extend the current Light Rail network into the CBD, then Metro Transport Sydney will have to consider its options – one of which will be closure,” said Mr Warrell.


When renovating your kitchen or decorating your lounge room every penny counts. Take the Monorail or Light Rail to the Sydney Home Show from May 12th to 15th and save on expensive city parking as well as the entry price to put towards your new spa or lounge suite.

Open for four days at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour, the Sydney Home Show has all your home improvement needs, with absolutely everything from landscaping a garden and re-tiling the bathroom, to preparing a delicious gourmet meal.

Light Rail and Monorail offer a convenient, easy and comfortable way to get to and from the Exhibition Centre with designated stops for both the networks at the Convention Centre.

Monorail and Metro Light Rail passengers will receive $2 off entry by simply presenting their tickets or vouchers at the Sydney Home Show.

Our regular commuters at Lilyfield, Rozelle Bay and Jubilee Park Light Rail Stations will be pleased to know that we will now be offering free coffee once a month.

Enjoy a complimentary coffee between 7am and 9am at Lilyfield on the first Wednesday of the month, Rozelle Bay on the second Wednesday of the month and Jubilee Park on the third Wednesday.


Survey results released today by Trilogy Integrated Communication demonstrate that inner city commuters, workers and residents would welcome a Light Rail extension, however, many have no idea about proposed plans to build a Light Rail in the inner city which has been awaiting response from State Government for more than nine months.

A group of over 550 inner city residents, workers and commuters were surveyed to provide an unbiased insight into the attitudes and awareness of Sydney’s future transport plans and in particular, extension of the Light Rail.

The survey demonstrated that many inner city residents and commuters are not aware of the proposal, lodged last May by Metro Transport Sydney, to extend the current Light Rail network from Central Station to Circular Quay. The proposal is under consideration by the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Natural Resources (DIPNR).

Although many were unaware of the plans, more than 74% of inner city commuters who have an opinion about Light Rail support the idea of Light Rail in the city and 75% said ‘yes’ or ‘maybe’ when asked if they would use trams should they run from Central down George Street to Circular Quay.

Surprisingly, the results of the Trilogy survey also show that the public’s attitudes towards existing public transport may not be as negative as media reports suggest. Overall, 30% of people surveyed rated the public transport system as ‘quite good’ however, 45% rated it as ‘woeful’.

The survey results were interesting in light of the recent findings in a report by the Tourism Transport Forum that surveyed tourists to Sydney. Their survey found that Monorail and Light Rail, the least utilised modes of transport, were in fact the two overall best performing modes of transport as rated by tourists, with majority of their attributes rated as being ‘good’ or ‘very good’.

Environmental groups, Sydney’s Lord Mayor and tourism authorities are among the many that see a Light Rail system as as a clever solution to inner Sydney’s congestion of traffic during peak hour. In addition Light Rail is an efficient and environmentally safe way to commute thousands of passengers.

Metro Transport’s proposal features 13 state-of-the-art trams capable of carrying 200 passengers each. In fact, one Light Rail vehicle carries the equivalent of four full busses. Running from 6.00am until midnight every day and at 2.5 minutes intervals in peak hours, it is estimated that approximately 40,000 people will use the tram every day.

Across the US and worldwide, there are many case studies that demonstrate the benefits of Light Rail in improving transportation, decreasing the environmental impact and increasing property valuations.

A recent report ‘Economic Impact of Light Rail’ released by the Environmental & Transport Planning Association, England provides the results of 15 urban areas in France, Germany, UK and North America. The report looks at residential property prices, pedestrian flows, car usage and economic gain or loss after the introduction of Light Rail.

The majority of cities showed increases in property prices, increased pedestrian flows in areas served by Light Rail, reduced car ownership as well as improved productivity and reliability of work forces due to lack of stressful commuting.

Sydney ‘s CBD is crying out for a solution to current traffic and pedestrian congestion and it appears that Light Rail is a popular solution.

For a PDF copy of the survey click here


As Sydney Buses increase their Travel 10 fares, Metro Light Rail has launched a new 12 month Gold Pass offering luxury travel at a bargain price.

Valid for 12 months, the Metro Light Rail GOLD Card is just $840.00 per year forunlimited travel and can be used at anytime on Metro Light Rail’s 24 hour a day, 365 day a year service.

Working out at just $17.50 per week the 12 month GOLD Card is a cheaper, more convenient alternative to purchasing daily or weekly tickets and now costs less than the bus*.

As well as the price benefit, Metro Light Rail offers deluxe, comfortable, air-conditioned travel, with friendly conductors to help customers with any enquiries. Metro Light Rail is also one of the most eco-friendly modes of transport available in Sydney.

Linking the hub of Central station to all that Sydney’s inner west has to offer. Metro Light Rail is a state of the art transport system that also harks back to the early days of Sydney when most people traveled by tram.

As well as commuting to and from the City, locals can enjoy unlimited travel to Sydney’s most popular leisure precinct of Darling Harbour, shop at Paddy’s Markets or try their luck at Star City Casino, and nothing beats a trip to the Sydney Fish Market for the best fish and chips in town.


*Compared to 5 section Travel 10


The new 2005 Supervoucher Day passes are now available for Monorail and combined Monorail & Light Rail travel with more than $60 worth of discounts.

Sydney Monorail and Metro Light Rail has launched six new Supervoucher passes for 2005.  A choice of either one-day or three-day travel, Supervouchers are an economical way to travel around the city and save with great discounts at Sydney’s leading attractions.

The range of Supervouchers present options for Monorail and Metro Light Rail and are the best way to use both systems by offering unlimited travel.

Supervouchers are priced as follows:

1 Day Single Pass – Monorail ($8.00)
1-Day Family Pass – Monorail ($22.00)
1-Day Single Pass – Monorail and Light Rail ($15.00)
1-Day Family Pass – Monorail and Light Rail ($37.50)
3-Day Single Pass – Monorail and Light Rail ($30.00)
3-Day Family Pass – Monorail and Light Rail ($50.00)

Vouchers are available from January. The family pass is valid for 2 adults and up to 2 children or 1 adult and up to 3 children.

With Supervouchers, passengers also receive discounts at leading Sydney tourist attractions including:

20% off National Maritime Museum,

20% off Powerhouse Museum,

20% off Harbour Jet,

15% off Sydney Aquarium

15% off Sydney Tower and OzTrek,

15% off Matilda Cruises Rocket Harbour Express and

Free pearl earrings worth $60 at Australian Opal Cutters*.

Metro Light Rail and Monorail systems provide the best way to get to Sydney’s leading attractions and tour operators offering a clean, efficient and an environmentally friendly way to travel.

Sydney’s Monorail loops around the city and Darling Harbour, with stops at major tourist and visitor
destinations including Galeries Victoria, Darling Park (Sydney Aquarium, IMAX Theatre, Cockle Bay and King Street Wharf), Harbourside Shopping Centre (Darling Harbour – National Maritime Museum), Convention Centre, Powerhouse Museum and Entertainment Centre.

The Metro Light Rail connects Central Station and Lilyfield with 12 stops in between including Convention Centre, Star City Casino, Sydney Fish Market and Glebe.

Go to the Supervoucher page

*Conditions apply




From December 26 to March 31 2005 , the Powerhouse Museum will be the only Australian venue to exhibit the Lord of The Ring Motion Picture Trilogy – Exhibition.

Sydney’s Metro Monorail and the Powerhouse Museum have united to offer visitors the only all day pass for this exhibition which also includes unlimited travel on the monorail for the day of the ticket and more than $60 worth of discounts to Darling Harbour and City attractions.

These special exhibition tickets will be coupled with a Monorail Supervoucher Day pass providing:

– a saving of 10% off tickets sold separately an opportunity to ride the Lord of the Rings themed monorail.

– express Queue for entry

– all day entry to Lord of the Rings Exhibition and other Powerhouse exhibits (other passes offer only morning or afternoon sessions to exhibition)

– discounts to other attractions around Sydney including the Sydney Aquarium, National Maritime Museum , Harbour Jet, Sydney Tower and Matilda Cruises.

Ticket prices are $26 per adult; $16.50 per child; or $66.50 family pass (2 adults/3 children).

The exhibition is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go behind the scenes and see how the films that have captivated millions were created. All the excitement of this exhibition starts at the Powerhouse Monorail station that has been especially themed to capture the magnificence of the exhibition.

Tickets during the exhibition are available from all monorail stations in Sydney, Ticketmaster7, the Sydney Visitor Information Centre at The Rocks and Darling Harbour.

The Exhibition will transport visitors to Middle-earth where you’ll discover the secrets behind the trilogy’s award-winning special effects through interactive demonstrations.

View the stunning selection of character costumes, weaponry and armour, as well as the prosthetics, including hobbit hands and feet that transformed the actors into character. There are plenty of interactive activities for the whole family.

Ride the monorail this school holidays to all your favourite Sydney attractions.


Metro Light Rail recently launched a new advertising campaign across the inner western suburbs to promote its light rail service, on the back of results of several customer surveys which revealed that current patrons, overall, scored Light Rail service consistently close to excellent.


Metro Light Rail briefed Transmarketing to develop a campaign that would position light rail as deluxe commuter transport offering personal service – now unheard of on public transport. The objective of the campaign is to increase top-of-mind awareness of the value, reliability and efficiency of light rail.


The messages developed reinforce Metro Light Rail’s commitment to a travel experience that is pleasant, uncrowded, convenient, clean and good for the environment.


To spearhead the ad campaign, Miss Kitty was created. Representing a 1960’s air hostess who embodies personal service Miss Kitty is a personality which exemplifies old fashion service with a funky retro twist.


The ad campaign commenced beginning of November. It will be primarily aimed at the Inner Western Suburbs via outdoor advertising at major train stations, billboards, print ads in local newspapers as well as Venuads and avant postcards. Following the advertising campaign, direct mailing campaign for all homes in the inner western suburbs will commence including Miss Kitty magnets.



End of year parties, particularly work Christmas parties, can leave you with fantastic memories or ones you would rather forget.

This Christmas, why not book an unusual venue so that your Christmas party will not be easily forgotten. Now, for the first time, you can hire the Monorail for a private party as it loops around town or the Light Rail as it takes a scenic trip through the inner west.

Offering a unique venue for something a bit different Monorail and Light Rail charters for Christmas cocktail party that add some adventure to your evening. Choose to either self-cater or book a private caterer to prepare a sumptuous menu.

Why not enjoy a drink and the spectacular Sydney view on one of just a few city monorails in the world; Metro Monorail whizzes over the busy streets and through Sydney’s most dynamic precincts.

Soaring over the excitement of the Darling Harbour domain, through downtown Chinatown and past the City’s top attractions – everyone loves a ride on the Monorail.

Or, if you prefer Metro Light Rail offers another novel venue for a party with a difference – Linking Central Station to Sydney’s inner west, the Light Rail takes in Darling Harbour, Paddy’s Market, Star City and Sydney Fish Market.

The Monorail and Light Rail are perfect venues for pre-dinner drinks or for the whole evening. After your party, you will be conveniently located at any of the hot spots in Darling Harbour , Cockle Bay or King Street Wharf.


PAINTED TRAM VOICES OPINION OF THOUSANDS“Return trams to the City” printed boldly across the side of a tram launched today, states the opinion of thousands of Sydneysiders who want to see a light rail service from Central Station to Circular Quay.

With close to 5000 petition signatures from Sydneysiders and a mass of support from prominent members of the community, including the Lord Mayor of Sydney, Clover Moore  – it is now just a matter of NSW State Government making a decision.

The proposal to build a light rail network to service the CBD, which features a loop from Central Station to Circular Quay, along either George Street or Castlereagh Street , was submitted to the State Government by Metro Transport Sydney in May.


Demand for travel into the CBD has already reached chaotic proportions. Existing bus and rail cannot cope, with gridlock, overcrowding and service breakdowns causing disruption almost daily.

The fear of many is that Sydney will become an unliveable city as the population increases.

Metro Transport CEO, Kevin Warrell said, “Sydneysiders understand a light rail network in the city is more than just a nice idea. Trams would provide a fast, reliable, clean, most importantly green, mode of transport for commuters, residents and visitors.

“If the State Government accept the proposal, the tram promises to reduce traffic chaos and pollution in the CBD.” he said

“If we get approval from the State Government to go ahead in the next few months, we could see a tram to Circular Quay as early as 2007,” said Mr Warrell.



A tram service from Sydney ‘s Central Station to Circular Quay will mean an easier commute for many of the Illawarra residents who travel to Sydney ‘s CBD to work on a daily basis.


The proposed CBD tram service, which is currently under consideration by the State Government, will shuttle approximately 40,000 people per day, including commuters from the Central Coast , Newcastle , Blue Mountains and the Illawarra, from Central Station to Circular Quay via George Street or Castlereagh Street.


The CBD tram would feature 13 state-of-the-art trams each capable of carrying 200 passengers that would depart Central in 2.5 minute intervals at peak hour.


Mr Kevin Warrell , CEO, Metro Transport Sydney said “Introducing the tram back to Sydney ‘s CBD is particularly relevant for Illawarra commuters.”


“Most Illawarra trains terminate at Central Station, so those who work in the CBD need to change trains from the intercity platforms to the suburban platforms, having to take a number of flights of stairs to continue their journey,” he said.


“As well as being inconvenient, this could potentially add to what is already a reasonable commuting time,” said Mr Warrell.


“The CBD trams depart from Central Station adjacent to where the Illawarra trains arrive.


“This would mean a short 10 metre walk across the concourse from the intercity train platforms to the tram platform where commuters will be met by an environmentally friendly and clean, uncrowded high capacity transport service which will easy deliver them to one of 10 above ground stops in the City,” he said.


“Trams would run from 6.00am to midnight and depart every 2.5 minutes in peak hours, this means that there will always be a tram waiting to shuttle Illawarra commuters through the City when they arrive,” said Mr Warrell.


The proposed tram service would have com bin ed tickets with trains and buses providing an easy, seamless transition from trains to trams for Illawarra commuters.


The existing tram service currently departs from the upper colonnade at Central Station and travels to Lilyfield in Sydney’s inner west via Chinatown, Darling Harbour, Star City and Sydney’s Fish Market.


“We hope to see the CBD tram in 2007 and we believe that it is the only suitable mode of transport to mange the busy commuter peaks. We hope it will also make the lengthy commute from the Illawarra a little more manageable,” said Mr Warrell.




Metro Transport Sydney, met with The Hon. Sandra Nori, MP recently to discuss options to extend the light rail from Lilyfield into Norton Street and along Parramatta Road to the City.Metro Transport Sydney (MTS) has proposed a suitable extension route for the light rail system beyond Lilyfield to further service the inner west and reduce traffic and pollution on Parramatta Road .

The proposed route is a loop through the inner west, taking in Norton Street and Parramatta Road providing light rail connections within the area, as well as to and from the CBD.

From Lilyfield light rail station the route would run under the City West Link into the currently vacant Balmain Road site. It would then run west into William Street , turn left into Norton Street and continue to Parramatta Road . From there trams would travel down Parramatta Road towards the city where they would meet the proposed CBD tram network at Central.

The CBD tram proposal, which MTS submitted to the State Government in May, includes a light rail loop from Central Station to Circular Quay, along either George Street or Castlereagh Street . This CBD loop could form the central hub of an extensive inner city light rail network, which would revolutionise Sydney ‘s inner city public transport. The inner west routes would be a key part of this network.

Sandra Nori, State Member for Port Jackson, has been a long standing supporter of Light Rail. She has supported the CBD proposal’s aim to revitalise public transport and access to Sydney ‘s City.

“I’ve been pursuing this issue for a long time because I think it’s important for residents and tourists to have environmentally sustainable, safe and accessible transport,” said the Ms Nori.

The CBD extension of the light rail, which is currently under consideration by the State Government, would mean a reduction of traffic, particularly bus traffic , in the city of Sydney.

Mr Paul Espie , Chairman, Metro Transport Sydney explained, “The suggested Parramatta Road light rail route would connect with the CBD loop, which would provide high capacity, convenient transport from the inner west through to Circular Quay, without the current traffic congestion and pollution.

“Building the light rail in Norton Street would help to connect this vibrant commercial hub into the rest of inner Sydney , and make travel within the inner west much easier. Light rail is common in Europe and very successful – this proposal is entirely in keeping with maintaining the unique character of ‘Little Italy’ “

“Experience in Europe and North America shows that introducing a light rail system can rejuvenate suburbs, increase land values and increase retail business. Light Rail would form a key part of the Government’s proposals for revitalising the suburbs along Parramatta Road,” he said.

“We see the extension of the current light rail service from Central to the Circular Quay and along Parramatta Road and through Leichhardt as the beginning of a comprehensive inner city light rail system which could ultimately service areas such as Bondi, Uni of NSW and Green Square,” said Mr Espie.



The hardest thing about shopping at Sydney’s Paddy’s Markets is lugging home the heaps of fantastic bargains that can be found there.


Paddy’s Markets and Metro Light Rail are now offering a incredible deal to make shopping easier.


Metro Light Rail will give a free light rail ride back to Central Station from Paddy’s Haymarket for every Paddy’s shopper – while Paddy’s is offering a free shopping bag to help carry all the great buys.


All that bargain hunters need to do is catch Metro Light Rail from Central station to Sydney’s Paddy’s Market at Haymarket, take the ticket into the Market Office where they will give you a free shopping bag and will stamp your ticket for a free return light rail trip to Central.


This promotion is available from 9am to 5pm Thursday to Sunday while Paddy’s Markets are open and will run from 1 August 2004 to 30 September 2004.


From Monday July 26 2004, Garden Plaza Monorail Station, on the corner of Harbour and Goulburn Streets will close temporarily until further notice.

The closest alternative Monorail Stations will be either:-

• World Square Station on Liverpool Street between George and Pitt Streets or
• Powerhouse Station directly across from Paddy’s Market on Hay Street, Haymarket

We sincerely hope that you will continue to enjoy the Monorail as a novel experience and convenient form of transport to Darling Harbour and around the City.


With expected crowds of 90,000 over the five day Expo, Sydney International Boat Show draws the largest crowds to Darling Harbour each year.

With such enormous numbers of visitors to the Darling Harbour precinct, parking will be impossible and travelling to and from Darling Harbour on public transport a struggle.

Metro Monorail and Metro Light Rail provide the perfect alternative to the parking nightmare and the public transport push.

With services from Central Station to Darling Harbour and Sydney’s inner west to Darling Harbour, every 10 minutes, Metro Light Rail offers plenty of free on street parking at Light Rail stations throughout the inner west. The Light Rail promises a pleasant, easy and convenient ride from just $2.80 one-way up to just $20 for a family all day unlimited pass.

Metro Monorail also provides the perfect way to avoid the people crush from the City with Monorail’s leaving World Square, Galeries Victoria and City Centre at 3 minute intervals. These stations are conveniently located for transfer from bus and train services.

Families heading to the Sydney International Boat Show can enjoy an all day family pass for just $22, which offers a perfect way to entertain the kids while you enjoy the extensive exhibition and activities. Single ride is just $4 per person per ride.

Combined Monorail and Light Rail Day passes also available for $15 per adult per day and $37.50 per family per day unlimited. These combined Supervoucher PLUS Day Passes also include 25 % off at the Powerhouse Museum, 20% off at the National Maritime Museum, Harbour Jet, Sydney Tower & Skytour and Matilda Cruises as well as 15% off at Sydney Aquarium.

The Sydney International Boat Show will run from 29 July to 3 August 2004 from 10am – 8pm daily.


Spring is on its way and Sydney’s Monorail is doing its bit for love matching with a “date-fest”, two months of special high-flying speed dating on the Monorail.

With sessions run most Saturday evenings in September and October, fun loving and adventurous singles will speed through the dating process, spending just the short time between Monorail stations with a prospective suitor.

It works like this, after some pre-dating refreshments the “love train” with 10 male and 10 female daters will depart the Darling Park Monorail Station at Darling Harbour.  In each carriage will be two couples, taking the chance to get to know each other until the Monorail stops at the next station.  Here they will alight, change carriages and meet another ‘date’.

Each person has only five minute to determine if they are compatible, before they reach the next stop and partner change – it’s musical chairs dating without the music!

The Monorail will loop around the city four times an hour, taking in some of Sydney’s best views… a truly romantic outlook for a first date. However, with a station stop every five minutes potential love matches won’t have a lot of time to enjoy the scenery, if they want to get to know each other.

At the end of the hour and ten dates, participants make a note of the people that they would like to see again on their private match card, and if that consent is mutual their details are exchanged the next day via email.

Speed Dating, introduced into to Australia by Blink Dating, was first developed by an American rabbi in 1998 as a way of helping young Jewish men and women meet spouses of their faith. It soon caught on around the world, with Australia being no exception and singles taking to the concept in their droves. Blink Dating now hosts regular events in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane

Speed Dating on the Monorail costs $60 per person including 2 complimentary drinks and nibbles.

For bookings for Monorail Speed Dating log onto or call 1300 55 88 97.


Metro Monorail will be hosting the visiting Tibetan Monks as they commute to and from the Powerhouse every day during July.

The Gyuto Monks are recognized within the Tibetan Buddhist tradition as masters of the tantric arts.

One of just a few inner city monorails in the world, Metro Monorail will take the Monks whizzing over the busy streets and through Sydney’s most dynamic and fun precincts delivering them directly outside the Museum at the Powerhouse stop.

Each day the Monks will travel by Monorail from their accommodation to the Powerhouse Museum for their performances and exhibitions.

In a beautiful irony, the Monks embark the Monorail and an ancient culture meets with a futuristic modern travel experience.

The performances at the Powerhouse Museum offer visitors the chance to witness the beauty of Tibetan culture with the famous Gyuto Monks as they perform ancient Buddhist Rituals.

Rarely seen in the west and some never before in Sydney, at the Powerhouse Museum from 3 to 18 July for more information visit


Sydney Shocked as Monorail is named “Hot” by Australia’s leading style gurus.

Still reeling from a mention on Rove Live last night, Sydney’s Metro Monorail has now been named “Hot” by leading doyens of style TRIPLE J’s Adam Spencer and Will Anderson.

“I am absolutely stoked” said the 16 year old Monorail.  “I have copped a lot of criticism since I began. I have always felt very daggy but now I’m “hot” and I couldn’t be happier”, said the Monorail

The retro movement is all about bringing back the 80’s and Sydney’s Monorail has to be the epitome of all that is retro “hot”.  Forget bubble skirts, fingerless gloves and mesh shirts – Metro Monorail is the ultimate retro mode of transport.

Built in 1988, Sydney Metro Monorail was never everyone’s favourite icon but now being “hot”, retro and well connected to all the new hot spots like Cockle Bay and King Street Wharf, Metro Monorail is coming into its own.

“I worked very hard to get where I am today – I had speed dating and even a star trek wedding.  I really have to thank all those faithful Monorail users who have got me where I am today”.


Metro Transport submits Light Rail CBD extension plan.

Today Metro Transport Sydney submitted its proposal to extend the current light rail network from Central Station to Circular Quay to the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Natural Resources (DIPNR).

Following extensive feasibility studies and consultation with stakeholders, Metro Transport Sydney has determined the two most suitable options for the light rail network extension as George Street and Castlereagh Street, with Metro Transport Sydney preferring the George Street route.

Giving commuters a clean, green and efficient way to traverse the city, trams provide a solution to the current problems of traffic congestion and pollution.

Featuring 13 state-of-the-art trams capable of carrying 200 passengers each, running from 6.00am until midnight every day and every 2.5 minutes in peak hours, the proposal would see a new high quality interchange between buses and trams at Central Station as well as joint ticketing with buses and trains for a seamless interchange.

Costing approximately $180 million, financed with a combination of private and public investment involving 18 months of staged construction, it is considered that the best time to build the extension would be in the immediate period after the opening of the Cross City Tunnel, as the respite from traffic across the city would mean minimal inconvenience.

According to Metro Transport CEO Kevin Warrell “demand for travel into the CBD has reached a point where car traffic is chaotic and existing bus and rail modes cannot cope, with gridlock, overcrowding and service breakdowns causing disruption.”

“Experience from Europe and North America suggests that introducing a CBD light rail system will not only increase land values but would also increase retail business and revitalise the city,” he said.

The Metro Light Rail would provide a fast, reliable and clean mode of transport for commuters, residents and visitors, and if the proposal is accepted, some bus routes into the city would be modified, reducing congestion in the CBD.

“We expect that catching a tram through the CBD to Circular Quay and back will be a very popular way to travel.  It is an easy and pleasant way to get through the city and customer approval rates for the current Light Rail system are substantial higher than other modes.  We estimate about 40,000 people will use the tram every day,” said Mr Warrell.

Metro Transport Sydney’s proposal would also mean significant cost savings for the State Government on rail and bus networks, as well as providing the infrastructure to further extend the service to the east, west and south, ultimately creating a superb inner city transport network.

“We see the extension of the current light rail service from Central to the Circular Quay as the beginning of a comprehensive inner city light rail system which could ultimately service Bondi, Uni of NSW and Green Square as well as Parramatta Road,” said Mr Warrell.

The Metro Light Rail currently carries four million passengers a year along the existing seven kilometre route from Central Station to Lilyfield. Metro Transport has successfully operated the system since 31 August 1997 managing the construction of the Lilyfield extension in the year 2000.

Click here to download a PDF version of the ABOVE MAP.

Click here to down load a PDF map of EXTENSION OPTIONS.


The new Supervoucher passes combine Light Rail and Monorail travel for the ideal family day out.

Metro Transport Sydney is now offering six new Supervoucher passes, for one-day and three-day
travel, giving visitors an economical way to traverse the city and save with significant discounts at Sydney’s leading attractions.

The range of Supervouchers combine both the Metro Monorail and Metro Light Rail system and are the best way to make use of the system, offering unlimited travel. They are priced as follows:

• 1 Day Single Pass – Monorail ($9.00)
• 1-Day Family Pass – Monorail ($22.00)
• 1-Day Single Pass – Monorail and Light Rail ($15.00)
• 1-Day Family Pass – Monorail and Light Rail ($37.50)
• 3-Day Single Pass – Monorail and Light Rail ($30.00)
• 3-Day Family Pass – Monorail and Light Rail ($50.00)

The vouchers will be available from 15 March and the family pass is valid for 2 adults and up to 2 children or 1 adult and up to 3 children.

With the Supervouchers, visitors also receive admission discounts to leading tourist attractions and experiences including 20% of entry to the National Maritime Museum, 25% off entry to the Powerhouse Museum, 20% off Sydney Tower and Skytour, 20% off Matilda Cruises Rocket Harbour Express, $20% off Harbour Jet, 15% off Sydney Aquarium and $11.50 all day parking at Darling

The Metro Light Rail and Metro Monorail system provide one of the best ways for visitors to get to
some of Sydney’s leading attractions and tour operators offering clean, efficient and environmentally
friendly way to travel.

The Metro Monorail loops around the city and Darling Harbour, with stops at major tourist and visitor
experiences including Galleries Victoria, Darling Park (close to Sydney Aquarium, IMAX Theatre, the Cockle Bay and King Street Wharf precincts), Harbourside Shopping Centre (Darling Harbour – close to the National Maritime Museum), the Convention Centre, Powerhouse Museum and Entertainment Centre.

The Metro Light Rail connects Central Station and Lilyfield with 12 stops on the way including the Convention Centre, Star City Casino, the Fish Markets and Glebe.

Go to the Supervoucher page.


Last month the Metro Monorail played host to the Sex Above The City speed dating event, tomorrow it hosts a wedding!

Brisbane couple and sci-fi fans Kitty Boydell and Gendo Ni’Var have chosen the Metro Monorail as the perfect place to exchange vows.

The wedding will take place at 1.45pm on Saturday March 20, 2004 at the Darling Park Monorail Station
The venue comes complete with spectacular Darling Harbour views, however, the venue is not the
only creative aspect to the day.

This wedding will also see the bride and groom depart from the normal white dress and tuxedo as
they will be outfitted in sci-fi costume. Guests have also been invited to get creative with their dress
and come in costume.

The venue has been kept a secret from the guests who will be boarding the monorail at Harbourside. The official wedding ceremony will take place from 1.45pm – 2.15pm followed by a reception at Pier 26, Darling Harbour.

Any media wishing to photograph/film or interview participants are invited to attend on Saturday 20 March at 1.45pm Darling Park Monorail Station. Please contact Kate Thomas on 0418 213 411 to register your interest so that we can advise the bride and groom